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What Is the Mile High Club: Is It On Your Sexual Bucket List?

For some, travel isn’t all about getting from A to B. Prepare to have your eyes fully opened with answers to your question: what is the mile high club? If you wonder, what is the mile high club, don’t get it confused with the airline miles and rewards. Travel is a wonderful thing, and we now have more opportunities than ever before to visit some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. When you board a plane, what are you thinking? Are you wondering whether you left the gas on at home? Are you panicking about how to…

Unicorn Dating: How to Find a Naughty Unicorn & Set the Right Rules

You and your partner want to spice things up and have a threesome. You’re going to need to test your luck at unicorn dating to find your unicorn. So, you and your partner want a threesome. Many couples come to this point when they want to unleash their fantasy and actually make it a reality with unicorn dating. What’s a unicorn in unicorn dating? For the uninitiated, in the unicorn dating scenario, a unicorn is a person who is interested in getting into bed with two others, most often a couple who have been together for a…

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