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How to Have Sex with Your Friend & Make Sure Things Don’t Get Weird

Is it possible to learn how to have sex with your friend without the entire friendship being affected for the worst? You’re on dangerous ground! Understanding how to have sex with your friend without it getting weird really comes down to how close you are in the first place, and whether you have any intentions of it becoming anything more. Sex is a weird thing, but so is friendship. Can the two ever go together without causing irreparable damage? Honestly? Sometimes yes, but most of the time, no. How likely are you to…

How to Be Kinky: 13 Steamy Tips to Explore Outside of Normal Sex

Didn’t know much about how to be kinky until you saw Fifty Shades of Grey? While the movie is cheesy, it’s changed the way we look at our kinky side. If you thought you were the only one who has kinky thoughts, well, think again. In reality, one in five individuals incorporate know how to be kinky in their regular bedroom play. And that number is growing. More and more people are exploring their sexuality and engaging in kinky sexual activities such as spanking and role-playing. And frankly, I’m surprised. Just a few years…

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