The 16 Best Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend Over Text

You started seeing a guy. When you aren’t together, you text. Texting’s great, but only with the right things to talk about with your boyfriend over text.

You just started dating a guy, so understanding the right things to talk about with your boyfriend over text can be a little hard. You’re probably nervous and don’t want to screw things up.

When texting, it’s easy to misread or misinterpret a message. That’s why speaking in person will always be the best option. You’ll be able to see their facial expressions and reactions. But, you’re not always going to be in front of your boyfriend. So, texting plays an important part in communication.

If you’re not sure what to talk about with your boyfriend over text, I’m going to help you out. It’s important you get to know him a bit more and understand who you’re dating.

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Things to talk about with your boyfriend over text

When I first started dating 10 years ago, texting had just become a thing. Oh wow, I sound really old, but it’s the truth! I was the first generation introduced to this form of communication. Before texting, we’d call each other’s house phone or knock on each other’s door if we wanted to talk or hang out.

So, I had to learn what texting was and how to text someone. It was particularly challenging when it came to guys I liked. There was no rule book. No one knew what to do. You’re lucky that the generations before you paved the way on how and what to text crushes and partners. Because when I started texting, it was a nightmare.

I want better for you, so I have a list of the best things to talk about with your boyfriend over text. Let’s get the conversation flowing.

#1 His past. Everyone has a past, whether it’s positive or not. And when you’re intimate with someone, you must know their past. What has he done in his past life, what was his childhood like, and do you have similar upbringings? [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for successful romance]

#2 His dreams and aspirations. Everyone has dreams and goals they want to reach in their future. What are his? If you want a deeper and more connected relationship, you need to know what fuels him. Plus, it’s a great question to show him that you’re invested in him.

#3 His day. I know this sounds like such a basic question, but it matters! Asking this question sounds simple, but it shows that you care and are interested in his life. Get to know his daily routine and the ups and downs that happened. [Read: How to make your boyfriend happy over text] 

#4 What are you like during arguments? You’ll find this one out on your own, but it’s interesting to see how he sees himself. What is he like when he argues with someone? Is he aggressive? Does he listen to the other person? This question is important for your relationship with him.

#5 His exes. No one likes to talk about their exes, but you need to talk about them with your new boyfriend. How did his past relationships end? When did they? If you don’t know these answers, you can’t gauge what he’s like in a relationship. The last thing you want is to be a rebound.

#6 What’s his favorite meme? This doesn’t sound like it makes much sense, but hear me out. Everyone has a meme they’re obsessed over. If you’re looking to lighten the conversation, ask this question. You will bond while sending each other memes that make you laugh. Plus, you get to see if you share the same humor. [Read: 50 relationship questions to text each other and text your compatibility]

#7 What are you like when you don’t get what you want? You can’t get everything you want in life. But what’s important is how you react to rejection. Is your boyfriend someone who throws a fit or takes it calmly? Though the best way to find out is through experience, ask him and see how he sees himself.

#8 Sexual preferences. If you aren’t having sex right now, no problem. But eventually, you may end up having sex with him. And if that’s the case, what’s he into? He should know what you’re into as well. Everyone has their sexual preferences. Maybe they’re into BDSM or have specific fetishes. It’s important to know this information and see if you are on the same page.

#9 What his friends are like. If you haven’t met his friends, ask him about them. Eventually, you will meet them, and you’ll be able to see why his friends are important to him. You’ll also discover more about him and the type of people he surrounds himself with. [Read: How to deal with your guy’s annoying friends] 

#10 His future. You don’t need to ask him about marriage, but you should ask him what he’s planning to do in his future. Does he want to pursue further education? Move to a different city or country? Where does he want his life to go? Who knows if this relationship will last, and if it does, are you cool with his future plans?

#11 Any bad habits. Is he a smoker? Recreational drug user? I know I sound like your mother right now, but these are habits you need to be aware of. If you hate smoking, but he smokes a pack a day, that’s going to be a problem and interfere with your relationship.

#12 How does he value work? You want to have time to see your boyfriend, and if the relationship progresses, you need to see how you fit into it. How does he value his personal time versus work time? If he’s a workaholic, is that something you can handle? [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#13 Does he love traveling? If you’re a big traveler but he doesn’t want to leave his city, you’re going to have a problem. Find out if you share similar ideals when traveling. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t compromise, you can and you should when it comes to traveling. It’s a good question to ask to spark a conversation about a potential upcoming trip. 

#14 His fears and worries. Everyone has their daily worries and fear. Some of us worry about our jobs, financial situation, or family drama. What are his troubles and struggles? It’s nice to have someone to talk to about this with because everyone is going through something.

#15 What are his hobbies? Maybe he loves playing basketball or building toy cars. Everyone has a passion they love doing in their spare time. If he doesn’t, you two can have a mutual hobby. It’s also important to know what your boyfriend likes and wants to do. [Read: 25 little ways to make your boyfriend feel special every day]

#16 What are his political and religious views? Man, this is a tough question, but it’ll open up huge topics that many people try to avoid. When you’re dating someone, you can’t avoid this because it’ll pop up into a conversation. It’s only a matter of time. So, get this out of the way and see where he stands on politics and religion.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Now you have 16 things to talk about with your boyfriend over text. So, get texting!

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